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Sustainability: Our Enriching Life Plan

As one of the UK’s leading food businesses and home to some of the nation’s most loved and iconic brands (found in 94% of UK homes), we have both a responsibility and an opportunity to forge a healthier future for our people and our planet.

We are very proud of what we’ve achieved over the last few years [see “our progress so far”], however, now is the time to push ourselves harder; harder for the health of our consumers, and harder for the health of our planet. Having spoken to a range of our stakeholders including; customers, colleagues, scientists, campaigners, trade groups and policy makers, we’re dialling up our sustainability commitments in pursuit of our purpose, Enriching Lives Through Food.

Our strengthened Enriching Life Plan covers all aspects of sustainable development and encompasses everything we touch, from the ingredients we source, to the communities we serve. The plan will focus our work in three main areas: delivering great-tasting, nutritious and more sustainable products, contributing to a healthier planet and improving the lives of our colleagues and communities.

Food has the unique ability to bring people together in a way that nothing else can, and in collaboration with our suppliers, customers, consumers, and government, we will drive meaningful change and champion fresh ideas, so that future generations inherit a healthier planet and society.


Click on the infographic to see a video or here to see an interactive PDF of our strategy.

Our progress to date

Our Enriching Life Plan is an evolution of our existing previous responsible business strategy, which has already seen us make great strides towards a more sustainable future. Reducing our CO2 emissions by 43%, launching more than 30 ‘Better-for-You’ options, training more than 200 apprentices and increasing the recyclability of our packaging to 94%, are just a few of our brilliant achievements.

We also have identified Baked-in Behaviours, strongly rooted in our culture and day-to-day operations, which are the guiding principles which we will continue to embed in our processes to ensure we make a positive difference every day.

Find out more about our progress to date here.


Our ambitions and targets

Make nutritious and sustainable food

Enable consumers to lead sustainable, healthier lifestyles by creating foods that are rich in nutrients, more sustainable, and free of unnecessary or problematic packaging.
  1. More than triple our plant-based sales to support the nation’s shift towards plant-based diets. 
  2. Double the amount of food which meets high nutritional standards and ensure more than half of our products deliver additional health and nutritional benefits. 
  3. Reduce the environmental impact of our packaging by reaching 100% recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging by 2025. 
Our brands will play a crucial role in delivering our Enriching Life Plan – find out more about our much-loved here.

Contribute to a healthier planet

Place sustainability at the heart of our operations and respect the natural resources that we rely on to make our food.
  1. Join the Business Ambition for 1.5 degrees and set Science-Based Targets for both direct and indirect emissions, as part of our commitment to support efforts to limit global warming to 1.5°C 
  2. Reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 42% and achieve net zero carbon emissions within our operations by 2040.   
  3. Work with our suppliers to reduce their environmental impact with a target to achieve net zero across the total value chain by 2050. 
  4. Halve food waste and support our suppliers to do the same. 
  5. Eliminate deforestation across our entire supply chain.


Nourish the lives of our colleagues and communities

Forge inclusive and fulfilling career pathways that contribute to the UK food sector and wider economy, and give back to the communities where we operate.
  1. Achieve gender parity across senior leadership team.
  2. Become a leading developer of people by ensuring 80% of colleagues feel that they have the opportunity to develop and grow
  3. Support young and disadvantaged groups to develop the skills for a career in the food industry through apprenticeship schemes, on-the-job training and a dedicated STEM talent development programme. 
  4. Donate 1 million meals to vulnerable people each year, as well as donating more than 1,000 volunteering days to local causes.  
If you are interested in a fulfilling career with us, have a look at vacancies on our careers website.


Working in partnership to shape a more sustainable food system

In order to help shape a more sustainable food system for all our stakeholders, we are members of many industry-leading groups which are platforms for collaboration and action. As signatories and members to these initiatives, we hold ourselves accountable against industry-wide targets and strive to push ourselves to contribute to wider change.

RSPO use of logo: License number: 4-0019-06-100-00. Check our progress at https://rspo.org/members/103/ Premier-Foods- Group-Limited


Towards the UN SDGs

Adopted by the United Nations in 2015, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to governments, businesses and civil society alike to shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path. Everyone has a role to play in achieving shared prosperity in a sustainable world - a world where all people can live productive, vibrant and peaceful lives on a healthy planet by 2030.

Our Enriching Life plan identifies which of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) we can have an impact on:


Sustainability is embedded in all business decisions and is represented in our ELT (Executive Leadership Team) with the newly created role of Corporate Affairs and ESG Director. The bi-monthly ESG Governance Committee, chaired by CEO Alex Whitehouse, brings together members of our ELT and subject matter experts within the business, and monitors progress against key programmes and targets. Our monthly cross-functional steering groups (e.g. our Plastics, Ethical Sourcing and Nutrition groups), led by members of our senior leadership team are responsible for implementing the strategy and meeting KPIs. Our Board of Directors will review progress against our new Enriching Life Plan twice a year. We are committed to transparency to all our stakeholders and will report annually on our progress in our annual report, including on TCFD disclosure requirements.

Day-to-day, we bring many of our initiatives to life through a range of cross-functional working groups and colleague networks. For instance, our Green Matters Champions who focus on reducing our use of resources at our factories, our Charity Champions who coordinate fundraising and local community engagement, and our Inclusion and Diversity Ambassadors who promote a culture of inclusivity throughout the business. We passionately believe that everyone in the business has a part to play in delivering our Enriching Life Plan.