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Baked-in Behaviours and Our Policies


Our Baked-in Behaviours, strongly rooted in our culture and day-to-day operations, are the guiding principles which we will continue to embed in our processes to ensure we make a positive difference every day. They are translated in a series of policies and standards which we expect all colleagues, suppliers and partners we work with to follow.

Being safe: Putting health and safety of our food and people first, always
Doing the right thing: Applying the highest standards of conduct, preventing fraud, bribery and corruption
Marketing responsibly: Helping consumers make healthier food choices, targeting only adult audiences
Excelling in food quality: Excellence in food quality and provenance
Protecting the environment: Applying sound environmental practices to continually improve performance and the sustainability of our operations.
Sourcing with care: Trading ethically, protecting human rights, preventing child labour and modern slavery, promoting animal welfare

red-petal-small.jpg Animal Welfare Documents
red-petal-small.jpg Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
red-petal-small.jpg Colleague Welfare and Human Rights Policy
red-petal-small.jpg Ethical Trading Policy
red-petal-small.jpg Environmental Policy
red-petal-small.jpg Marketing to Children - Responsible Marketing Policy
red-petal-small.jpg Palm Oil Policy
red-petal-small.jpg Preventing Hidden Labour Exploitation Modern Slavery Statements